That’s right folks prepare for team wide fights and broken teeth.

No one is coming out good from this

A Return to the days of yore

V7 entertainment inc. is proud to announce that March 28th Old time Hockey will be releasing on PS4 and Steam. Old time hockey takes us back to a more violent time. Where players had no helmets, or pads. Where bench clearing brawls where a staple of every game, good times. the game features a 70’s aesthetics vibe to go with its theme. Along with its arcade style of action along the lines of games like NHL 94, Blades of Steel, and Tecmo Bowl. The game features a range of control schemes. You can play with arcade 2 button, for the true retro feel. You could try your hand at “beer mode” the challenge of one handed play style. Or if you prefer a more modern control scheme that’s in their for you as well. The game includes a story mode, can you rise to the top with the worst team in the league? or you can play competitively or cooperatively with your friends on the couch. You can choose between one of ten Bush League Teams. Including Cascadia Timber Cats, Charlestown Stonemasons, Cobalt Silvers, Fort Edward Bluenosers, Long Island Rumrunners, Moose Jaw Farmhands, Portage Lake Widowmakers, Quebec Voyous, Schuylkill Hinto Brews, and the Warroad Ice Anglers.

Hockey of sword fight you decide!

Plenty of team to choose from. Oh and don’t worry Xbox one owners, the game is set to release in Q2 2017 so just sit tight. So people what do you think another nostalgia¬†game? Or will this be a fun return to arcade games of old? And besides who doesn’t love a game of hockey with lots of brawling in it. let us know what you think down below.