Everyone loves a game trailer and this one is even live action.

Great news for fans and newcomers alike

A fair number of vehicles

With the release of this live action trailer Entertainment GmbH are looking to wow long time fans of the Construction Simulator series. The newest addition to the series is being developed for IOS, and Android platforms. This game will take place in the fictional US State Westside Plains. You will have to work your way up from a small construction company working your way up to bigger and bigger projects. You will be able to excavate building pits, control cranes, load material, pour concrete or pave roads. All to your hearts content.

Long time fans will be excited about the addition of road making. A feature they have long been hoping for, your prayers have been answered. Players will face a large number of challenging missions to really test their skills. A huge number of vehicles and challenging missions will make for a fun time for the over six million fans of Construction Simulator 2014. The game is scheduled to launch March 23rd, 2017. So not to much longer to wait fans.

Who is ready to build their way to the top? Build all the roads and win all the contracts? Let us know what you guys hope to see an what you think of the trailer.