Deck & Dice Tactical RPG ‘Children of Zodiarcs’ Signed to Square Enix Collective

London, UK – March 2 2017 

Children of Zodiarcs™, the deck & dice single player Tactical RPG, has been signed to indie publisher Square Enix Collective®. Montreal-based developer Cardboard Utopia will be demoing the playable game – featuring a new level and hero – at PAX East in Boston from 10-12 March.

Very Final fantasy tactics feel to it.

Developed by small team of AAA veterans with a huge passion for board games and collectible card games, Children of Zodiarcs is a return to classic single player Tactical RPGs from the era of the first PlayStation®. Layered on top of grid-based combat arenas, deck building and dice crafting gameplay mechanics combine strategy with controlled risk to build tension, anticipation and excitement. Having raised five times their Kickstarter goal in a highly successful crowdfunding at the start of 2016, Cardboard Utopia is partnering with Square Enix Collective to release Children of Zodiarcs on PlayStation 4, PC and Mac later in 2017.

“What we’re creating at Cardboard Utopia is a game crafted with love and care to recapture the spirit of the Tactical RPGs of our youth; the same kind of games Square Enix has been publishing for decades”, said Jason Kim, Creative Director at Cardboard Utopia. “For us, we could not have found a more fitting partner than Square Enix Collective to help us bring Children of Zodiarcs to market”.

“The addition of the wonderful Children of Zodiarcs to Square Enix Collective is a huge boost to our campaign of delivering a fantastic line-up of varied and quality titles to gamers through 2017 and beyond”, said Phil Elliott, Director of Community & Indie Development at Square Enix London. “We’re proud the highly experienced team from Cardboard Utopia chose to partner with Square Enix Collective”.

Grab that guys foot and pull him over! Oh no one else thought that.

Game Designer Axel Baldoni is excited to demo the game at PAX East this March:

“It’s been a while since a good, original IP Tactical RPG has been released. Children of Zodiarcs has everything we love about the genre and then some: we’ve paired an original, fun and dramatic story with a combination of tactics, cards and dice to enhance the traditional strategic gameplay in a way gamers haven’t experienced before. We’re sure visitors to the PAX East booth will be glued to the controller!”.

A new level will be playable at PAX for those of you looking to try it out so be sure to look for it on the floor.