That’s right, Streets of Rogue a new rogue-lite co-op stealth shooter RPG… Okay, the game has so many tags that I’m not sure what to call it. The point is that the game is live in early access on steam. Doubly cool is the fact that you can play for free this weekend.  The free period ends Monday at 10am PST so get your game on quick.

For a quick feel for how the game plays you can check out this “Meet the Cop” trailer that they’ve released:

They haven’t given us much concrete in the way of explaining what the game’s about. The most information about the game actually came from the trailer. So here’s what I got out of it. The game is obviously in the 8-bit style and set in a randomly generated city.From what we know the game has over 20 different characters that you can play. Ranging from the genial bartender to the soldier. Options also include a hacker, scientist, and even a hyper-intelligent gorilla? There’s a bit of a GTA vibe here with the way that you can pretty much go any way you want with the game. Stealth your way through, avoid killing at all, or just shoot everyone and burn everything. Look like a good bit of fun.

The added bonus of being able to play with up to 3 friends is cool too.  You have options when it comes to the co-op game modes. You can do a local co-op game, even having the option to use split screens, or you can go and do an online co-op game too. To top it off the games co-op mode is already live, there’s no waiting for them to get around to building it.  I mean, shoot, it sounds like they already have the game pretty close to finished.

Streets of Rogue- 2
I’m a little curious to see what’s with the giants…

They’ve kept the details close to the chest on this one, so we’ll have to play to see what’s really going on in this game.  I’ll admit to my concerns if this game is really going to hold my attention.  But it could be fun. Like I said earlier the game is free to play until Monday at 10am PST. If you decide to purchase the game it is actually on sale. You can get it for $13.49 until March 17th, after which it goes back up to full price at $14.99. The game is good for Windows, Mac, and Linux so you’re covered on that front. As an added bonus the game has full controller support. So here’s my question. What are you still doing here? Go check it out!