Deliver us the moon has provided us with quite a bit of teaser at PAX East. Deliver Us the Moon if you will remember is about exploration in an isolated environment (the Moon of Earth) with the objective of a 1 man team and his robots saving the human race from resource depletion. Deliver Us the Moon and the dev team from KeokeN Interactive were at PAX East with a demo of our first Lunar vehicle.

Here is my first look at Deliver Us the Moon in case you’ve forgotten:

This vehicle simulation does a very good job of simulating what it’s like to drive in zero gravity with an exception or two. The Vehicle doesn’t seem to have any weight to it yet so the slightest rock sends it flying. However the scope of the environment is huge. I believe we were driving around the Rheita crater, the devs can correct me if I’m wrong. This is what they’ve told us at PAX East and the crater is Huge!

I’ve got video footage of Deliver Us The Moon from PAX East. It will be uploaded later this week but the crater takes nearly 3 full minutes to drive end to end. In addition to this, the Devs are promising to allow us to just ramp out of the crater and go exploring.

Deliver Us the Moon has promised much and the game is looking to come along nicely as this will be the last Pre-Alpha demo we see before a full Beta Build. At least this is what the developers are saying on the PAX East show room floor. There has also been voice acting added for the AI base computer as well as for the astronaut command center talking to your character. These are nice touches to break the silence of the vacuum around you.

The game textures have also improved. While the improvements are significant, they can be seen and felt by the eyes. The lighting effects are top notch and you can tell the difference in sunlight shining in an oxygen environment now and in the no-atmosphere of the lunar surface. These visual improvements are what we like to see with game development.

However, not everything is all praise at PAX East for Deliver Us the Moon. There still seem to be very long loading times, but this is a Pre-Alpha build. I suspect no optimization has been done yet. Further the sequence we are shown at PAX East is about 15 minutes long at most. Since all 3 Pre-Alpha builds we’ve seen have only been about 20 minutes, I wonder how much of the game is actually finished. Lastly the white text style on light blue background is still there.

This is difficult on the eyes even when zoomed in upon and I would suggest choosing a different, easier to read and easier on the eyes color pallet for the game. Especially if we are still 6-10 months from seeing the completed game. The Developers state they hope to have the game out before the End of 2017. I want to know one thing about that then,

“How Much have they actually finished?” We’ll see hopefully in June, when I hope to have a full tour of the Deliver Us the Moon studio while I’m in the Netherlands for Anime 2017 The Hague.

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I wish them good luck and I really wanna see this game come together in an amazing way. It has great potential that I believe the KeoKeN team can deliver.

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