Guns of Icarus alliance is an upcoming (very soon) expansion to guns of  Icarus, a Do you like steampunk? How about pvp co-op  airship battles? Maybe PvE is more your thing?  Alliance will add both in the form of factions which will allow players to align themselves with nations to fight over Providences on a world map. And perhaps more importantly Alliance will add AI teammates and opponents to the game alleviating one of the games biggest problems.

If you have played Guns of Icarus before, you know that one of its biggest problems is that it has no PvE mode, larger story, or really any reason to keep playing beyond a few fun matches. The developers have set out to solve this by adding a major update (alliance) that puts PvE content in the game.

Guns of Icarus,  although one of the most unique pvp games i have played in years, was limited to pvp only. In addition the game came off as overwhelming to new players because to be efficient as a crew you really needed to be playing with friends. A pug(pick up group) ship stood no chance against a coordinated group of friends. which could leave a new player feeling alienated while they tried to learn the ropes. Luckily the developers have seen this problem, and are working to fix it.

Gone are those days of PUG stomps! Alliance now allows players to vs bots of varying difficulty thus providing new players a means to practice and cultivate their ship managing skills without having to be forced to fight die-hard Guns of Icarus players. AI battles in turn also help your faction claim territories meaning that players of all skill levels play a crucial role in the progression of their faction.

The game still plays like it always has, you are on an airship, where you can chose to pilot, take the guns, or run around repairing. You will still need team mates to play, but since this is not a PvP game, you shouldn’t have any issues with PUG stomps. You and your (hopefully not horrible) team mates jump on to your airship, and go tearing after various AI enemies.

Each team goes for a base, or a command ship, and the team (either AI, or Players) who ever first gets the kills is the winner. This new format brings a fun change to the game, which previously was so focused on its PvP content. I disliked the PvP aspects when playing alone, and hopefully this new update will make it easier for new players to get in, as well as have older players teach them how to play on the same ship.