Alright everyone we have ourselves a new battleground.

For when you really want to show your enemy some love.

What we are getting at the end of the month.

Today, Respawn revealed Colony Reborn, the next free DLC update available to all Titanfall 2 players. Starting March 30th, players can re-visit Colony. A fan favorite map from the first Titanfall that is filled with narrow streets, interiors, and rooftops. In addition to Colony, players can try out an all-new Pilot execution, Curb Check pilot, as well as the new R-101 carbine, all for free!

nice rustic little place, homey as it where

In addition to the new free content, Titanfall 2 players can also purchase new cosmetic items including Prime skins for Northstar and Legion, new Camos, Callsigns, and more.

To celebrate the launch of Colony Reborn, Respawn will be kicking off another free trial weekend. Starting March 30, experience the power of Titanfall 2 by enjoying elements of the game’s critically-acclaimed single player. This includes The Beacon, one of the missions from the main campaign, as well as the Training Gauntlet. In addition to introducing single-player content to the trial, players will also have access to all multiplayer maps and modes. The Titanfall 2 free trial weekend will end on Monday, April 3, at which point the multiplayer portion of the trial will no longer be available. However, the single player content from the trial will still be available post-April 3.

Closing thoughts

I love that we keep getting new content for Titanfall 2. New maps guns and skins. With this free trial weekend once again, we can hope to see more people seeing the title and picking it up. I love that they have added single player missions to the trial. I personally loved the campaign so now everyone can see what all the fuss was about with it. Put on the plus side for all of us that have the game already the lobbies will be full of people just waiting to get kicked in the face, and crushed under titan foot.

Prime skins look nice for sure.