Have you ever heard of a game in which one team is invincible and one is invisible? How exactly does that work? Why would you envision such a competition? How do balance this? Aftercharge attempts to answer all of these questions and create a friend-ending experience to never forget. Aftercharge pits Robots versus Humans in a brawl to have one side receive death or the other lose their cake.

Allow me to explain. The side of the robots do not wish to harm the humans but rather seek to destroy their resource wells. Meanwhile the humans see the robots as a threat and must end the threat.

The humans use advanced technology to make themselves invulnerable to damage. Meanwhile the robots adapt with cloaking devices in order to sneak in and destroy the resource miners.

The game is actually interesting in that is it a class based system. Certain classes grant abilities to each side. There is also a huge emphasis on teamwork without it, you will fail repeatedly. The cooperation required to distract, provide shields for robot allies, break concealment for humans is quite intensive. There is much promise from the PAX East 2017 build presented to us of Aftercharge.

Will it hold onto that promise is hard to say. The core of the game is there but I am interested to see the other special abilities and how the communication will be handled for random teams. You don’t exactly have time to type anything out in a match that lasts an average of 5 minutes. Aftercharge is worth giving a look as development is done and hopefully it will turn into something astounding. As unlike a twitch reflex only, you are met with twitch reflexes combine with indepth strategical thinking that is rare to find in a game.

Check out Aftercharge at: http://www.afterchargegame.com/

Article by Fiaura The Tank Girl

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