Who is ready for Call of Ctuthulu to be done right again? We’ve seen it with Darkest Dungeon. We’ve seen it with games like Silent Hill but never actually flat out going full Eldritch in the first person. Conarium seeks to change that. Here you will face horrors unknown and challenges that speak more to the horror within your mind rather than the threat to your physical body. The demo I played was fairly well done. The most important part of it was sound. Every little detail of the sound effects was traumatizing. The tension build up was never quite released.

Conarium does an excellent job at keeping you on edge, continuously. It keeps ramping up that amount of tension as the nearly 45 minute demo progressed. Even when we saw our ending for that demo, I was still shaking expecting more to jump out at me. Conarium has done it’s homework of preparing abject terror for the player.

There is a music score here for the audio but it’s more of a alien sounding one. It sounds like the very stones around you are there, making the noises rather than an instrument. Furthermore is how every little change in the environment alters your reaction. In Conarium every single rock falling, every bit of dust disturbed, everything feels like something should assault you right then and there. You are constantly tensed, constantly on edge, and always thinking of looking over your shoulder. Even in the crowded show floor, I felt a sense of isolation with the headphones on. The game’s audio in the demo has done an amazing job of isolating the player and making them feel the sense of dread and impending doom.


The visuals are very surreal and a mix of alien ascetic, otherworldly and odd angle skin crawling, and a sense that humans were not meant to be here. One simply cannot describe how unprepared I was for this and how much I felt like I was about to die at any moment. Conarium knows how to build tension and has done an excellent job at building upon H.P. Lovecraft lore with just this short demo. Let’s hope the game developers can come through with something even more with another demo before the full game comes out.

Check out Conarium here: http://www.conariumgame.com/

Article by: Fiaura The Tank Girl

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