That’s right everyone, buy games directly on Twitch for your favorite streamers. That and you get a little loot crate for yourself with your purchase.

So the loot crates have come to Twitch.

Dangerous in here, take this.

Well lets get the basics out of the way starting today (April 4th, 2017.) You are now able to buy games directly on Twitch. So instead of asking your favorite streamer to play a certain game you can get it for them. This is great as it directly helps streamers make more content, and it will be content that you want (well hopefully.). Along with this feature is Twitch crates. You will receive these for any purchase over 4.99. So spend five bucks get a game for you or whoever and boom you will have a crate on your inventory page. Each Twitch Crate contains random rewards like chat badges, emotes, or a surprise number of Bits. The emotes and badges in Twitch Crates range from common to very rare. Some games have custom emotes as well. If one is available for the game or in-game content you just purchased, you’ll get that in your Twitch Crate, too. I must say it is nice to receive when you spend but you have to keep a few things in mind. First is that no items can be traded so no grey market for emotes and such. Also that you only get one crate per purchase, not for every five dollars you spend. SO if you buy a fifty dollar game you only get one and so on. But hey you are getting stuff you would not otherwise if you bought somewhere else right?

 The heart of the Issue.

I am ready for the duel are you?

While I love the idea of buying games for your favorite streamers. That and the tiny possibility that they can earn a small bit on it, and you can get a little fun crate is good and helps many grow and continue to grow and share content. But lets get to the point at its heart this is a simple marketing campaign one that is many fold. Number one being that buying on Twitch and by extension Amazon nets them more money as their are fewer middle men to chip away at it. And while 99% of these purchases by default will be over five dollars many will make sure to find a way to make it so if it is not by default. Also want your “free” stuff right? Also the limiting of one crate per purchase seems silly to me. But i can see the idea limit how much of the goodies you can get quickly. While they cannot be traded directly, but people will find a way to get things they want. Also the fact you can get duplicates of things but dont receive anything for it is pretty bullshit. But again that’s all on them.

So what am I really getting at?

I brought my own no worries.

Ok Rob bla bla bla what are you trying to say. And the end of the day what I am trying to say is that Twitch Just wants you to buy on Twitch because it benefits them the most. Is this really a bad thing? Well no it is just a business looking into ways to get more money since that’s kinda how they keep running. All I want you all to do is keep in mind that the boxes they are giving you are full of things that are essentially free for them to give you. So don’t fall into a trap of trying to get them all. Because that my friends is what some Big shot at Twitch wants you to do.