You read that right folks more free, yes free content for Titanfall 2. Respawn Entertainment has kept churning out content for this great game. So here is what they have in store for us this update.

Now the pain begins.

What this update has in store for us.

Jump into new maps, a new execution, a new faction and more in the latest Titanfall 2 free DLC, A Glitch in the Frontier. Inspired by Captain Lastimosa’s home planet of Harmony, the vertical drops and long twisting paths of Glitch allow players to glide across the map and chain together long wall runs. On April 25, all Titanfall 2 players will get for free, two new maps including Glitch and Deck Live Fire which features tight interior spaces, exposed courtyards and watchful drones circling overhead. Additionally, there will be a new faction, a new execution, Marked for Death game mode will be introduced as a featured mode, and more. This is the first of several updates lined out for the coming months. Lovers of Titanfall will be happy to receive all of this free content.

While Titanfall 2 was not as large a commercial success. New content continues to be brought out. I hope that with all the additional content new players will support this awesome game. That and who doesn’t love free content. New maps and ways to destroy your opponents are always welcome. So what do you guys think of all this new stuff? Are you still p;laying Titanfall? Or have you moved on to other games. I personally looking forward to these new maps, and getting to see the new execution used on me. Since I never seem to see it from my perspective.

Alright guys get out there and sharpen your wall running skills, and get your titan paint buffed up. We will soon have a couple new maps to fight on, and I for one am looking forward to giving them a try.

The DLC road map looks awesome.