Welcome back to our Sponsored Streamer Interview series! Today we got a chance to sit down with the sassy Spitfire. This fiery red headed brit has all the spunk you might be looking for in a streamer. If your looking for a streamer with attitude, look no further.

So with no further ado, here is our interview:

Me: Do you have a standard schedule that you stream?

Spitfire: It’s dependent on work hours and stuff. Which change about, but usual days are Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, sometimes Sunday, and sometimes any other day of the week.

Me: Yeah, I get that. I Stream about once or twice a month myself.

Me: So, Tell me a little about yourself. Some background about you. What do you want people to know about you?

Spitfire: The fact that I’m not a cross dresser, which everyone seems to think due to my voice. It can get extremely annoying. I’m actually a transgender female. It’s in the freaking channel description, right there, and people just can’t be bothered to read like the first thing. It’s annoying.

Me: So, I know you’re from England…

Spitfire: Oooh…

Me: Sorry, the UK?

Spitfire: Well, I could technically be from three different countries. When you get into these types of questions with me it’s really annoying, because I could either say England, Ireland, or the UK. So let’s just say the UK for now.

Me: Do you have any hobbies other than streaming? Or is gaming your only thing you do outside of work?

Spitfire: I do models. So sometimes when I’m streaming I’ll point my camera to the left to see them. In my spare time, I like to go back up to my college and annoy the lecturers by taking all the dangerous snakes out and putting them around my neck.

Me: …Ok…

Spitfire: Yeah, we’ve got a twelve-foot boa constrictor and I like putting him around my neck and walking around with him, scaring the shit out of people. Apparently, he bites. I’ve never noticed.

Me: (Chuckling) I’m not big on snakes, so I’m just gonna let that one be…

Spitfire: (Snickering)

Me: So, what was your favorite game as a kid? Growing up what was your favorite thing to play?

Spitfire: Oh, God. Well, considering I’m a high functioning autism there’d be like one game that I’d play the crap out of. Then after like 400 times, I’d play another game, that I’d play the crap out of for another 400 times.

Me: I didn’t know you were high functioning autism.

Spitfire: Oh, I am. You can hear it in the way I talk, the way I look at the camera, the way I act, the fact that I stutter a lot. Which is annoying. Everyone says it’s cute, and I wish to kill those people.

Spitfire: The first game I played the crap out of as a kid was Seek and Destroy. Which was this horrific, horrific tank game, from Japan. In which none of the wheels moved, and like all the tanks would be rendered as buildings. It was a lot of fun. I still have my old PlayStation from 2001. When I was five I got a PS2, so that’s where my childhood went. But I looked on the game time, and it was an obscene amount of hours played.

Me: Yeah, but that’s generally how kids are though. We tend to play things until they’re, you know, more than dead.

Spitfire: We still do that as adults thought. There’s no like in between. It’s like you play the crap out of games, you play the crap out of games, you play the crap out of games, your six foot under the ground.

Me: So, another question. What made you get into streaming?

Spitfire: Um, well. The thing is I actually hate watching people stream. It’s incredibly boring. (Laughing) I used to be on Rena’s streams when she was playing Armored Warfare, and some other games, and I kind of got into the habit of it. So, one day Rena, my girlfriend, Fiaura the tank girl, we’ve been engaged since, like august, august or September last year, I don’t know.

Anyway, she got me to make a YouTube channel. And right that day I started streaming. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.  Because like, I had a web cam on, and I had to make faces every time I killed someone. The thing about streaming is that it’s about stamina and having people to keep you positive. Like I can’t stream unless there’s somebody in the chat channel with me, for me to talk to, because I will go nuts.

Me: When did you start actually streaming?

Spitfire: Ah, I can literally give you the exact date. The twenty-ninth of February 2016. The day Rena made me get a YouTube channel and on that same day she made me stream.

Me: So, why you started streaming?…Rena made me…

Spitfire: Yes! Pretty much yeah.

Me: So, you said you had work. What do you do outside of streaming?

Spitfire: I’m a college student, and I try to siphon money off people. (chuckle) That’s what I call work.

Me: (Chuckling) Okay… Is that what you actually want me to put down?

Spitfire: YES! I do!

Me: Okay, just making sure.

So, I know you play Armored Warfare. Are there other games that you play or is that all that you do?

Spitfire: Well, at the moment, given the uncertainty of Armored Warfare. I’m sure you’ve heard about Balance 2.0, right?

Me: Yeah.

Spitfire: At the moment with Armored Warfare, I’m trying to do other games. So, once in a while I’ll do a stream like where I get completely intoxicated and play World of Tanks until I either full up, pass out, or just get so pissed at the game that I have to stop streaming or destroy my computer. I also stream World of Warships, which is significantly less frustrating on the body, as well as games like Just Cause 2, Vallhala, Sniper Elite. Well, I tried to stream Sniper Elite, but OBS had a hissy fit.

To be honest, I’ll stream just about any game that’s on my steam list, that is interesting to watch. I mean some people stream the Witcher 3, but it’s boring because the Witcher 3 is more of a single person experience, rather than a group.

Me: You’d be surprised how many people will watch the single player experiences.

Spitfire: Like Fallout you can stream. But the Witcher isn’t as exciting to watch.

Me: So, have you experienced any creative slumps with your YouTube?

Spitfire: Yes.

Me: What have you done to get yourself out of it? Or, how do you deal with it?

Spitfire: Well sometimes I just take a break. Like I take a break from streaming. I say why I’m not streaming, and then I stream something again. Like, the max stream I’ve done is a full 6 hours.

I know right, it’s… I know there’s people at Kitsuga, like Rob who just streams for… How long a day?

Me: Well, he does 8 hours right now. He’s done 24 hours, but that’s a rarity.

Spitfire: I could physically not do past 6 hours, because then I would just reach the end of my attention span.

Me: Yeah, the two that he has done 24 hours have been Mass Effect. So the story has been what kept his attention that long. When he started, he was doing 10-12 hours a day, but that’s all he was doing. He doesn’t have a job outside of streaming.

Spitfire: I mean, last year I was doing a tournament for Armored Warfare. I was at college, and I was doing work. So, I was working like 9-4 at college, 4-7 for work, and 7-11 for streaming. I did that for almost three weeks, and it was really soul draining to be honest.

As a quick wrap up. Today we had the pleasure of hearing from our lovely Spitfire. Her responses were as fiery as expected. I was only sad that you guys couldn’t experience the bite of her wit along with me. It just doesn’t translate as well into text. If you’d like to see more of Spitfire she can be found streaming on YouTube or you can follow her on twitter.