I have been watching The Surge since it was first announced. It hits all of my buttons, its a massive RPG, its a loot fest, and it’s got technology as a focus. The idea of fighting with parts you tore off the enemy you just killed. That sounds so very cool. So now we finally have some more details about how combat will work.

As showcased in the Target, Loot & Equip Trailer, make use of vertical and horizontal attacks as well as strike power to target and dismember specific limbs and loot what you cut off. Looting upgrades for your exo-suit is key to progression, and surviving challenging combat situations is a matter of skill.

Positioning and speed are vital, so make use of your exo-enhanced dodges, blocks, and jumps to avoid attacks while managing stamina―ensuring you’re always in the right place to strike the limb you want or to avoid a potentially damning blow. The rules of combat apply to both you and your enemy: get hit in an unarmored area, and you’ll go down faster. Take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses while balancing your own and you’ll walk away with its strengths.

Throughout your journey you’ll be assisted by your industrial drone, with abilities once used for CREO’s industrial needs, now manipulated into a fighting machine. Shield yourself or burn, knock down, pull, and blast enemies in The Surge’s brutal melee combat.

The Surge arrives May 16 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Visit the official website for more info.