This guy is far from your basic merc

Shock Tactics Overview

Shock Tactics is a Sci-Fi turn based strategy game with tactical action, exploration, and base building. Fans of he Xcom series will find Shock Tactics  very familiar in gameplay style. You Cap as you are called will lead your mercs into battle against aliens and other human enemies. You control from the overhead third person perspective. Units can be upgraded with equipment and abilities that you train and research. Where the game really sets itself apart from games like Xcom is the world map. Now instead of just being at your base waiting for missions you can go find your own things to do. On the World map you control your ATV. With the ATV you will explore the map looking for both story and side missions to complete. Side missions will net you credits, artifacts, and extra troops if you save them in time. Also on the map are outposts that once taken will generate resources on a daily basis the more you have the faster you can upgrade your building to gain edges over your rivals. But lets dive into details now.

I love the stabiliz and warp out your guys do not just immediately die very frustrating in Xcom.

Graphics and sound

I am going to combine these two together since there is really nothing amazing or terrible about either.The games on the tactical map looks passable, structures are industrial looking and all of your enemies and mercs where full body armor and helmets so they are pretty generic. The sound is the same way standard gun noises. The aliens spitting noises nothing in the sound department will really stand out.   I must commend the voice actor narration is probably the best part. The way the speak really makes it feel like they are telling the story as the remember it. Not sure that really makes sens but it sounds like how someone would remember the story. But all and all pretty standard in this department.

Cover is your friend but you already knew that.


The gameplay of Shock Tactics is fairly straight forward. Kill all the enemies to clear the level. Missions can have various side quest such as protecting workers or sabotage enemy equipment. Completing this optional objectives award bonuses as one would expect.On mission you will try and move your troops to advantages positions to rain death on the poor enemies. Cover is important as it reduces the enemy chances to hit. One small note of annoyance was allies. Most side mission have an allied faction. Usually a couple of civilians and one possible merc recruit. the allies units do not move at all, and only the merc will shoot when he has a target in his sites. So they really just get murdered and don’t really even attempt to protect themselves. Minor thing but frustrating when the side objective is to keep them alive.

A really fun aspect is that you don’t really have a time limit per say in what needs to be done. As you explore the world map you will uncover more areas to fight over to gain troops and resources. Story mission sometimes have day limits to keep track of. But the only thing other than that is the Federation invasion that is coming. The games tells you to prepare as best you can but the rest is up to you. The free form feel of that was quite refreshing.

Well someone is going to have a bad day.


Overall Shock Tactics is a solid but not spectacular game. It delivers solid gameplay with simple intuitive mechanics, unobtrusive tutorials and enough difficulty levels to satisfy new comers to the genre and veterans alike. Fans of games like Xcom will feel right at home with the gameplay feel and style. But a lot of the looks feel generic, what really will set the game apart is the story of it. Helping your small band of people beat the odds and claim the world for yourselves. So if you love the strategy genre than Shock Tactics will be just what your looking for to scratch that itch.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below. I look forward to hearing from you all.