On April 19th, Motion Twin released a brand new trailer for their upcoming RogueVania game Dead Cells. If the sound of a 2-D souls-like game sounds fun to you, then you should definitely check out this awesome trailer.

Dead Cells is a rogue-like, Castlevania inspired action platformer that allows you to explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle. Of course this is assuming that you are able to fight your way past the castle’s keepers. To beat the game, you will have to master the 2-D souls-like like combat combined with the always present threat of permadeath that lingers around every corner. There are no checkpoints. The game simply consists of killing, dying, learning, and the always dreadful repeat after permadeath.

Dead Cells has a nonlinear progression through the game which means you can unlock new levels with every death. Unlike any of the souls games, you can decide to take a new path if the previous one did not work to your favor. Are you tired of walking through the stinking sewers? Why not take the ramparts instead? A new surprise always awaits you around every corner. There are secret rooms, hidden passages, and charming landscapes that would make a fine place for a holiday. That is, if you enjoy spending your holidays with not so cuddly monsters.

The souls-like combat system has many unique pattern based bosses and minions. There are different weapons and spells that contribute to the unique gameplay of the game. While this game looks sort of retro with the 2-D style design, it is deceivingly difficult getting used to dodging and maneuvering through 2-D style combat encounters. Thankfully, you can take advantage of the invincibility frames you gain from rolling during combat to help you out a little bit.

The early access version of this game will have ten new levels that you can unlock as you progress. There are 50 weapons you can get, along with plenty of spells and traps for the player to experience. Dead Cells is also built with replayability in mind so you can explore every level and discover their secrets over and over again. Then to top it all off, there are permanent unlocks available throughout the game that will allow you to progress further and further throughout the game.

According to Motion Twin’s blog, Dead Cells made Kotaku’s list of top picks from PAX East. One of the developers even gave GameSpot an exclusive two level preview of the game. The biggest thing that impressed me was the diversity of the mechanics throughout the game. Not only did the weapons you could use have cool uses and an extensive range of uses, but they also had different stat perks such as ten percent bonus damage of heath stat boosts. Each of the different monsters had their own mechanics that proved to be pretty intimidating. I certainly would not want to encounter a monster who spins like a toy top, but for thrill seekers this may totally be your thing.

Another awesome thing Dead Cells has to offer is strategy. With all of the different platforms to jump between and the enemies that lurk on each of them, you have to be constantly mindful of how to attack your foe. The layout of each level has the potential to work both for, and against you providing either an escape or a way to trap you in some dangerous places. Health carrots and other secret, hidden items lay within the walls so remember to be mindful of your surroundings.

The graphics in this game really are beautiful. Any person that plays this game will feel the dreary, creepy atmosphere of the castle. From the prison cells, dungeons, and different chambers you will sense the danger that lingers around every corner. The walls are dark and dingy with cobwebs in every corner. You will find rotten plants which with a special rune will turn into vines that help you escape deep holes and chambers within the castle. Instead of ladders, there are chains that help you ascend through each of the levels. Thankfully the developer remembered to place safe points to restore your potions throughout each level.

Developer Motion Twin has been in the Indie game making business for about fifteen years. The team of ten is based in Bordeaux, France. They have made a total of roughly 150 different Indie games, but Dead Cells will be their first shot at a larger PC platformer game. In their reason for creating this game I quote,

“We’re a cooperative with no boss that’s been making F2P games for 15 years. It got to the point where we had to ask ourselves why we were doing it. After that there was no choice but to make something for us,” said Motion Twin’s lead designer Sébastien Benard.

“We’re taking two genres we all love, adding our little twist and aiming for the best rogue-lite/metroidvania you’ve ever played. So far the feedback has been really positive, so we’re really really excited to see people playing!”

The game will be available on PC only, and is set to release for early access on Steam May 10, 2017 for Windows users only. Mac and Linux versions will not be receiving an early access and will be launched at full release with a date that has yet to be determined.