De Blob may appear to be a simple game about painting the town diffrent colors, and that’s because it is. This long loved console gem from the first Xbox era, is finally coming to PC. Why is coming 9 years later to a platform that is already over crowded with too many BS shovel ware titles? Becuase money.

Ill let this 2008 (I WAS IN HIGHSCHOOL FOR CHRIST SAKE) review from then young IGN speak for itself.

if for some reason you want to play one of the games that inspired Splatoon on PC 9 years after its release. Let me tell you about it.

The evil I.N.K.T. Corporation has declared ‘Color is a Crime!’ and leeched Chroma City of all its beauty and interest. The race to rescue Chroma City has just begun, and only de Blob can save the world from a black-and-white future with his unique abilities to color the world back to life.

  • de Blob: Flip, bounce and smash your way past the all-powerful I.N.K.T. Corporation to launch a revolution and save Chroma City from a future without color
  • Long Live Color! Join the Color Revolutionaries in the resistance against Comrade Black and his diabolical array of hot plates, electric shocks, and ink turrets
  • Free The Citizens: Free your friends from a black and white world by painting the city back to life as you dodge ink cannons, flatten I.N.K.T. tanks and outsmart Inky soldiers
  • Multiplayer: Compete to control Chroma City in 4-player split screen in eight different multiplayer modes
  • Save your City: Paint Chroma City’s towering skyscrapers, expansive bridges and massive landmarks in your own style using custom colors, patterns and soundtracks

So if any of that sounds like your type of game, or you just really want to go back to 2008 (HIGHSCHOOL IS REALLY COOL, THESE PROBLEMS MATTER) De Blob is available now on Steam, for god knows what reason.