System 3, a leading developer of videogames and the United Kingdom’s longest serving publisher, announced today details of two more undesirables for Constructor, its forthcoming title coming soon to PC DVD Rom, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

What we can look forward to with this release.

The Thief is a shifty character that will steal everything, and represents a challenge for all players to overcome, while Mr Fixit is the guy you should never call when something breaks down; he’ll cause you no end of problems!
The full Undesirables line-up will be revealed over the coming weeks, including:

The Hippy – They hold street parties, squat, or picket an opponent buildings.
Killer Clown – All round dangerous individuals, causing havoc wherever they roam and are anything but funny!
The Ghost – Scares tenants to within an inch of their lives and sends them packing.
Mr Fixit – The repairman you should never hire – he’ll bodge the whole job.

We shall see how different the new one looks

The Psycho – Stay away from this guy: He’s plain crazy!
The Thugs – These give any heavy a run for their money, Nasty pieces of work and best avoided if you value your front teeth!
The Thief – Lock up your valuables, because these guys steal everything.
The Gangster – Your chosen hitman. Need someone silenced, buildings burned to the ground? He’s your man.
Constructor is in development to launch in 2017, in time to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the multi-million-selling city builder’s original release, sharing a dark and wonderful world with feverish fans and a whole new audience.

Constructor will be released soon on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC DVD Rom, Steam, with the Switch version expected to arrive later this summer.

Closing thoughts.

This year has been a huge year for remasters and remakes. I for one am ok with this. Old games being brought back to be shared easily with a new generation of gamers. Every year more old games that had huge effects on gaming today become nearly or totally unplayable due to hardware or other issues. So I for one am glad that some amazing classics games will be brought to new audiences. But what say you guys? Care not care? Let us know down below as always.