Super Rude Bear Resurrection, the sequel to the original Super Rude Bear is an indie platformer on a mission. A mission to make foul words spew from your mouth until you devolve into fits of rage.  And I feel no shame in admitting it worked!

The game opens with a screen that shows your very angry looking teddy bear of a character standing with his friends standing on the street looking like punks, and he is whisked away.  Your very rude teddy bear is greeted by a blue fairy whom will be your overly talkative guide through the rest of the game.  Apparently you’ve been whisked off to defeat a Wizard who’s taken over the tower. And you must make your way though the overly deadly maze to find him.

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Tutorial Screenshot

Your only power? Wall jumping. And some not quite so realistic physics. The first level is a tutorial, however the tutorial is geared towards mouse and keyboard. I did start with mouse and keyboard. However I quickly found that using my trusty Xbox controller made a big difference. However I had to figure out what buttons did what one the controller myself.

Is it difficult?

They really weren’t kidding when they said the game was meant to be difficult. Brutal even. After completing a level with 107 deaths and many profanities I felt I had fully experienced what they meant, when they said the game was brutal.  Those that tuned in to my stream can attest, the sounds that came out of me were, entertaining and occasionally painful to the ears. As promised the game does get easier with every death. It’s ever so slight, and most of the time it’s purely a mater of being able to use your corpses to walk across the spike pits.

Yes, you heard me correctly. Every time you die your corpse is left behind. So there are times you’ll actually be climbing over a pile of teddy bear corpses. Also, the death animations are a little bit gruesome, but definitely funny.


Game Mechanics

Running into anything that is spiked or bladed is insta-death. There’s no health bar, you just die if you even brush against a spike. Though you can pad them with your corpses. You also have the option of holding shift, or the left bumper to control the fairy. This allows you to fly ahead and see what you’ll be facing in the next few seconds before you die.

Obstacles include bunches of spikes, spike pits, saw blades, wheels of whirling blades, falling stalactites,  and so much more. After the first level you move into levels with themes, from winter to aztech, and more that I don’t know about because my head exploded and my blood pressure got to high for me to go any further. As far as i can tell there is a slight drop in difficulty drop when you finish the last room of a level and move up to the next.  They get you used to the new obstacles before adding more. But generally there is no real relief, it only gets worse.

I did have one major complaint about game mechanics. When you finally find your way to a boss fight there are no instructions.  You’re just left to your own devices. It took be quite a bit of running around and dying, and some shear dumb luck before I figured out what you were meant to do in the first boss fight. The answer by the way, is that you have to get the two big things trying to kill you to collide. Good luck!

Super Rude Bear Resurrection Screenshot first Boss

Also, I didn’t understand why they felt the need to add the Mario reference. The game has little to no connection to Mario what so ever. But hey, who am I to judge.

A Good Game, just not for me

All in all, I feel that I can give this game a solid 3.5/5 star ratting.  It’s certainly not a game for everyone. If you have anger issues, than I certainly recommend you don’t try this game! However, if you want a really challenging platformer then this may be the game for you. Me, I’m gonna look for something a little less infuriating.