Gaben Kingdom is headed your way.

Gaben kingdom has arrived in at steam story near you. a action puzzle platformer will have the completionist in you running wild. Destroy all your foes collect cash complete the levels lets see what it all about.

What is Gaben Kingdom anyway?

Take on the role of lord and savior Gaben and save the world from evil hands of vicious corporation. Embark on dangerous journey and save our beloved cheap games and game sales.

That looks bad

There are 70 levels scattered across 7 worlds that are waiting for you:

Spring Sale world
Summer Sale world
Autumn Sale world
Winter Sale world
Peasants’ world (because everyone knows that PC Master Race is the only way to play)
Brexit world (because laughing at politics is always fun)
Corporate world (deal with these nasties, once and for all!)

You have one goal – to eliminate all the enemies on the map and reach the end of the stage. Remember that you have limited number of moves so plan you actions carefully. Collect all dollars from the Gaben Kingdom and give some sales to your people. Only by doing that, you will be able to receive 3 stars on each level. Collect all stars on all levels and show everyone that you are the true Lord Gaben. Choose your playstyle. Use lightning fast moves or plan your every move by using slow motion. Take on the challenge and try this simple but very addicting combination of action game and puzzle platformer.

Earn achievements. Collect cards. Become Lord Gaben.

An interesting blend of gameplay mechanics.

Gameboy woo

Gaben as you all read brings and interesting mix to the table. Limited moves action and money collection all at the same time. Perfecting each level will be no easy feat. But is the game trying to do to much? Or will its blend of mechanics serve to enhance the experience? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments down below.