Now we get to the part everyone loves and hates expanding. How will you expand your boarders?

The second trailer is here lads.

Amplitude Studios released today the second video in their “4X” series of trailers showcasing the meaning of each “X” (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) in their upcoming grand-scale sci-fi strategy game Endless Space 2. This new trailer dives into the meaning of “eXpand” in the Endless Universe. Showing how players go from small colonies to galactic empires through thoughtful (and sometimes violent) expansion. Discover habitable worlds, send colony ships out to take over those worlds, then generate resources to continually grow and enhance your empire. Send warships out to defend those worlds, or assault the planets held by your opponents and make them yours.

Our favorite part of the game.

Ok well maybe not favorite for everyone but for most people the meat of the game is in expand. Find new planets to colonize some will have no one to stop your colony. Others might need a bit more effort to make your own. With the various races all approaching outposts differently. You could be a military tyrant. Or you could be a vision of peace slowly adding new outposts from other factions though the power of your culture. I am glad that suck a route is both possible and encouraged in a game. Many strategy games have the option available to you but it is either limited to those that share you culture. Or it may just be flat out near impossible to do. The Total War series has this issue. But enough about me what do you guys think? Enough variety to make you want to play? Looking forward to using your dominance of the science to take over the galaxy? Let us know how you will carve a path to victory in the comment below.