Renowned Explorers has a new expansion. Renowned Explorers: The Emperor’s Challenge, now available on Steam, Gog, and Humble bundle. The Emperor’s Challenge is the newest expansion for Abbey Games’ Renowned Explorers game.

Renowned Explorers: The Emperor's Challenge Screenshot

What’s Renowned Explorers?

Renowned Explorers is an indie RPG style rogue-like strategy game. You start off by selecting your team of three characters. Then you set off to explore exotic lands such as Egypt, The Caribbean, and in this new expansion Indonesia. The game gives you the option to battle your way through with brute force or charm your way into the locals hearts.

But you’re not the only team on this journey. Hot on your tail is a rival team lead by the public’s favorite, Matthieu Rivalleux. Him and his team will stop at nothing to sabotage your team, and keep you off the newspaper front page. So get your treasure hunting booty going!

The Emperor’s Challenge

The Emperor’s Challenge is the newest DLC for Renowned Explorers. In the DLC you gain four new characters and puts you in new areas of the map. Mainly East Asia with a new expedition on the Indonesian islands. Also, the expansion comes a new game mode where you can go head-to-head with Rivalleux and his team for the favor of Chinese Emperor Guāngxù.

Renowned Explorers: The Emperor's Challenge New Characters

Our newest team members include:  Suh Min-Jeong, a child prodigy at the age of twelve, who is an expert in the fields of diplomacy and archaeology. Wang Yu, with a knack for fireworks and a penchant for trouble. Phailin Boonyasak, whose exotic charm is only shadowed by her hidden past and unknown motivations, not to mention her skills with a knife. And lastly Hojo Fumiaki, a champion explorer, who is using his travels (and love of cleaning) as a way to temper his anger management issues.

Game Features:

  • Explore the far corners of the world in the age of discovery, outsmart your rivals, campaign for fame, and become the most Renowned Explorer of the 19th century
  • Create your own adventures; get to know your explorers with their character unique traits, skills, and quirks; and manage their progression while hunting for the most prestigious treasures
  • Prepare your treasure hunt; collect Insight, Research, Gold, and Status on your expeditions to acquire supplies and support for your next adventure
  • Attitude-based gameplay; choose the best course of action by engaging your opponents physically and mentally using charm, deception, intimidation, or a show of force
  • There is always something new to discover in the thrilling, procedurally generated expeditions, where your reputation opens up new opportunities