Two of my favorite types of games are simple shoot em ups, often called SHMUP’s, and loot heavy RPG’s. It would seem that Drifting lands then was created just for me. Instead of pushing heavily on a player to just keep shooting, or score higher, or move faster, Drifting lands ins a SHMUP that looks like a deep RPG. It allows the player to prgress in a classic RPG style, while blending in looting like you would find in ARGP’s such as Diablo 3 and Torchilight.

The reason to come back to Drifting lands wont be to get one more point, or one second more of survival. It will be in trying out new combos of skills, looting for better gear, and perfecting your build as you play. If I am reading this right, this will mean that there is  not an emphasis on repetitious memorization of enemy patterns. There may be a few levels for those who love that kind of game, but for me, I cant wait for the loot that’s coming to PC (Win/Mac) on June 5th.

In the skies of a shattered planet, totalitarian corporations battle to control and exploit nature’s remaining resources, but you are not like them. As a new member in a caravan of outlaws, smugglers, and mercenaries, you fight for the right to survive and be free.

As a pilot, you need a ship made to your specifications and style, whether you prefer a strong defense before unleashing a wave of heavy artillery, deftly buzzing enemy fire to move in for the kill, or something altogether unique. Choose from three classes of ships, customize your arsenal with 60 different types of skills, upgrade your stats, and use the gear looted from battle to build the ship that’s right for you.

Drifting Lands features a full story mode with randomly generated enemies for maximum replay value. Improve your abilities and equipment across 100 levels of difficulty for everyone from newcomers to seasoned veterans, and test your skills as a pilot against players around the world in competitive missions with pre-set enemies.

Currently available via Steam Early Access, Drifting Lands launches in full June 5th. Here is the steam link Steam