Pixel games are nothing new, ever since minecraft flipped the script on the world of graphics, everyone has been trying to make low-rez hot again. From Cube World to Super Hot, pixels have become the new polygons in many places. So, with how common they have become its no surprise that indie companies are interested in getting in on that action. Becuase of that glut of games, it now takes quite a bit of pixel magic to grab my attention. Well as you have probably guessed, Gorescript has manged to do it.

Imagine mixing Mario, with Doom, but alos making it neon drenched, and pixel based. That should give you a bit of a base line on what were dealing with. Platforming meets Doom style fast shooting, but the ability to jump on enemies heads mixed in just for fun. With 6 different weapons the game has a classic gaming feel, with updated mechanics for the modern world.
If your intereted, the developers have very kindly offered a free demo.

Gorescript is a tribute to the best of FPS games and takes place in a pixel universe dominated by relentless monsters looking to destroy you. Grab your pixel-guns and immerse yourself in 18 levels of chaos. Levels are guarded by endless horrors you must face and kill. For a thrilling experience, explore the game in total darkness, your only source of light being your guns blazing! Featuring Masochist and Blackout gameplay modes, Gorescript is packed full of fun and ready for action. Lock and load, baby!

·         18 hand crafted levels (2.5D)
·         6 weapons (5 ranged, 1 melee)
·         5 difficulty levels, Permadeath and Blackout modes
·         Global leaderboard rankings according to your total performance
·         Secrets are not optional but necessary to upgrade your armory
·         Levels can be finished with or without jumps (Jumps available only when you find the Anti-Grav Boots)

Check out Gorescript on STEAM.