Do you like darkgothic settings, fast paced action, and extreme difficulty? If that sounds good to you, and you also like a healthy dose of rage, shooting, and Metroidvania style platforming, Nongunz is the game for you! Out now on Steam, the game hits all of my buttons just right. Its simple, but aesthetically pleasing, it has a wide range of weapons, and enemies, and its pixel graphics are almost perfect.  Its also hella cheap, you can load your günz and sharpen your axes in Nongünz on Steam today for the great price of $6.99. That is an offer that is hard to turn down.


  • The game is a puzzle in itself, a secret to be discovered.
  • Each run has you fight through a procedurally-generated dungeon filled with hordes of monsters made from human limbs and giblets. Build up your score by executing stylish combos and spend the rewards on your expanding band of lost souls and death cultists.
  • As you advance, fill your graveyard base with praying cultists, self-scourging martyrs and somber gravediggers.
  • Use their special shops including shops, slot machines, dungeon shortcuts and special skills.
  • action-platformer/roguelike gameplay

Each player can give their interpretation of the game, beyond the reflection that Brainwash Gang invites us on the inherent attractiveness of violence. There are clear influences here from Binding of Issac and the ultra hard souls games. Empahsis is placed on randomness, and each run will be a win or a loss based on a roll of the dice, as much as player skill.

Game info

Platform: PC, Mac & Linux
Price: $6.99
Developer: Brainwash Gang
Publisher: Sindiecate Arts
Steam page:
Official site:
Twitter: @Brainwash_Gang / @SindiecateArts