In a world of hi-graphics FPS’es, its exceedingly rare to see a top down game. Most of them are twin sticks shooters, and almost none are FPS style.  Geneshift is aiming to change that. Inspired by the classic GTA games (and GTA2 in particular) Nik Nak studious wants to change that. Do we really need a new genre of shooter, with just a little Diablo mixed in, in the style of GTA? Well you watch the triler and decide.

Ben Johnson, founder, Nik Nak Studios said today:

“When I started working on Geneshift all those years ago, I had no idea I’d still be going eight years later. But the community kept coming up with amazing new ideas. Their feedback has been essential to Geneshift’s development, and I can’t wait to finally share our creation with a larger audience!”

Drive like a maniac with GTA2-style vehicles and MOBA-style skills. Do your worst in insanely fun single-player, online co-op, and PvP modes that harken back to the golden years of PC gaming.
Starting as a GTA2/Diablo mashup, Geneshift eventually evolved into an action extravaganza with enough mutant skills to give Professor Xavier a headache. The turning point came in 2014 when the game was Greenlit on Steam. Solo developer Ben Johnson of Nik Nak Studios decided to quit his day job and go full-time. However, Australia was expensive – so he packed his bags and moved somewhere cheaper: Peru. There, he worked with limited savings until the game was completed; now, after eight years of development, Geneshift has finally reached Steam Early Access.

Geneshift puts you behind the wheel of a number of crazy vehicles – letting you detonate car bombs and fire out windows for drive-by shootings. Play as a mutant and unlock more than 30 tactical skills such as teleportation, invisibility, and fireballs. Stop a zombie outbreak in the single-player and co-op campaigns – earning cash to level up your character – or face other players in bloody PvP combat. Hop online and play competitively in Conquest, Checkpoint Racing, and Capture the Flag – or compete in leaderboards by speedrunning the campaign as fast as possible.
if you are feeling more creative than destructive? Make your own sandbox in the built-in level editor: If other people play your level, you’ll unlock special cosmetic items!


* 5v5 multiplayer combat: Battle in game modes such as Capture the Flag, Checkpoint Racing, and Zombie Survival.

* 4-player co-op campaign: Play the story solo or with friends online – and save the world from a mysterious outbreak.

* Insane vehicle action: Ride with allies to commit drive-by shootings, detonate car bombs, and capture key objectives.

* 20+ brutal weapons: Fire pistols, shotguns, snipers, explosives … or save up for deadly superweapons.

* 30+ tactical skills: Create complex skill builds as you gain experience and permanently level up your mutant.

* Secret base-building: Place hidden chemicals to gain secret benefits such as spying on enemies and teleportation.

* Leaderboards and difficulties: Replay the campaign in 4 difficulty levels, and set high scores on various leaderboards.

* User-generated maps: Create maps in the editor and unlock kick-ass cosmetics whenever your maps are played.

Geneshift is now available on Steam Early Access (Windows/Linux) for $7.99 – a 20% discount lasting through May 29. On May 30 (a week from launch), Geneshift returns to its original retail price of $9.99. A demo is also available on the Steam store – providing free access to multiplayer with no time restrictions.