Lets not mincewords, Dauntless is a much better, 4 player, online co-op, monster hunter for consoles and PC. I got the chance to try the game out at PAX East this year, and can confirm that if you like Monster Hunter games, this game is going to make you very happy.

Today, Phoenix Labs released a new trailer for their upcoming online co-op action RPG, Dauntless. The new trailer takes a deeper dive into combat, progression, and how Slayers survive against the ferocious Behemoths in the game. This new trailer features a brand new Behemoth Skraev for the first time. Skraev thrives in colder climates and wields deadly frost attacks. While he may bear a resemblance to the previously-announced Behemoth Shrike, Skraev is a completely different encounter, boasting new attacks and challenges for Slayers.

The trailer also showcases the Chain Blades–the fourth weapon class in Dauntless. The Chain Blades are all about creating your own opportunities in combat, featuring a blend of short range combos and long range poke attacks. They enable Slayers to get in quick, unleash a flurry of attacks, and get out fast.

Check out the full trailer here, which also gives players a sneak peek at how they can customize armor and weapons based on the loot they receive from Behemoth encounters.

For more information, and to stay up to date on when you can get access to Dauntless head to PlayDauntless.com. Alpha signups are happening now!

This is a game that I will be keeping my eye on for sure.