Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan’s statements on the Overwatch Forum have made the studio’s stance on Leavers and Throwers clear. Yesterday Kaplan took to the forums to respond to a question about Leavers/disconnects. His statement was bold,

“Our philosophy has been that we would rather not have leavers playing the game at all (especially in Competitive Play).”

Overwatch- Tracer

To be clear “Leavers” are people who disconnect from the match before it ends, for a plethora of reasons. Usually with the reason of the player feeling that their team sucks and defeat is inevitable. Though the wording in chat is usually not so clean. Though leaving can be caused by disconnect due to internet connection issues.


Throwers are exactly what they sound like. People who throw games, or intentionally cause their team to loose. Why do people do it? To troll. Because they want to get back at someone for a perceived slight. Because they’re streaming, and they can make funny content out of it. There are many reasons, and many people that do it.

Furthermore the Overwatch Dev team intends to take this philosophy and put it into practice. “We keep increasing the penalty for leaving and will continue to do so. We’re in the process of implementing a new policy which would take into account how many Competitive Seasons you have been banned from and at a certain point, prevent you from playing Competitive ever again.”

That’s a hard line they’re taking right there, and I approve. Mainly because they are only restricting Competitive game play. Those banned from Competitive will still be able to play regular matches.

Overwatch - Hanzo

But what about Throwing? We did mention that didn’t we? Yes, Kaplan had an answer for that one too, though it’s a little more vague.

“We had a lengthy meeting about this yesterday. We’ve been doing a lot of research on the problem for months now. We think we have some good solutions. We still need players to help us by reporting people. We do both manual and auto detection on our end, but player reports are the most immediate indicator that point us in the right direction. We also discussed the need for more feedback for the person doing the reporting so it doesn’t feel like your report is going into the void.”

So we can expect to see something happening on that front as well. We just aren’t sure what.