The Sony conference at this years E3 certainly was  little different. The presentation was almost entirely done with game trailers. But that in and of itself is not the odd part. The real odd part was how few games we where shown. We only where shown seventeen games. Compare that to Microsoft which gave us over forty! So what does this mean for Sony? Are they focused on fewer higher quality titles? Or are they just playing a lot of things tight to their chest. My vote would be on the latter. So with that in mind lets take a quick look at all the titles we where presented with.

Become Human

A new IP we saw was Become Human. Putting you in the shoes of an android, who has gained sentience and is trying to free the rest of your kind in a far future Detroit. This game looked beautiful and promises that your choices will have true and lasting effects on the game world. We have heard this many times before from developers. But with each passing year we come closes to that being a reality. Will this game be the one to finally break that elusive barrier. No date was given sadly for this interesting title.

God of War

We finally got some more info on the new God of War title. Kratos is still large and in charge still slashing is way through humans and monster a lot. Of course now we have moved from Greek mythology, and into Norse mythology. One thing we can really take away from this is that while Kratos is still very much a badass. But his son will play a huge part, his roll as a father is front and center. A man with his son on a journey.  I really hope we get to take control of his son during some parts of the game to really change up the gameplay. But time will tell looked awesome and really looking forward to it sometime early next year.

Uncharted Lost Legacy

We got one of our first looks at a new Uncharted title. No Mr. Drake could be seen in the trailer focus instead on two of our main ladies. Set in what appeared to be India during some sort of unrest. the formulas look much unchanged otherwise. Follow clues to loot ancient cities in exotic locals. Run, gun, and platform your way to your treasure and make it out alive. Sadly the Dialogue was messed up during this demo so check it out on YouTube to get the full feeling of it.sadly once again no release date announced.

Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds.

A expansion for one this years favorite titles we see our hero in the snow of what looked like Yellowstone park. Once again out to kill robot dinos this time in the deep snow of winter. A fun addition for fans of the series. More of what we love is never a bad thing right so stay tunes for this one folks.

Days Gone

Days gone was another new title that we got a good look at. From what we saw it looks very similar to Horizon Zero in look and feel. Some sort of zombie outbreak has taken place. Our character was seen search for his friend having to outwit human and zombie foes alike. We will need to see more of this game before we can really give it a solid judgement. So keeps your ears to the ground on this one.

Monster Hunter World

This one really got the crowd going. Hunting down monsters has never looked so good or seemed like so much fun. It is nice to see the franchise jump from handholds back on to consoles and they look like they aim to deliver. The graphics are where gorgeous. Hunting down dinos is beautiful landscapes grinding out missions and calling in help when you need it? Sign me up for that. Look forward to the hunt in early 2018.

Shadow of Colossus

Honestly i’m not really that hype on this and a lot of the audience seemed to feel the same way. The crowd seemed rather tepid about this title. From what we can see in the trailer all we are getting is updated graphics. That is all, which to me is quite sad. But maybe I am wrong and they will break new ground with this old title but only time will tell. Hopefully I am proven wrong.

 Marvel VS Capcom infinite

This one was pretty awesome to watch. All your favorite heroes and villains where there to duke it out. The trailer was really selling us on the story of the game as apposed to just being a fighting game. Hopefully the story will live up to the hype but we will have to wait and see if lives up to its potential.


We got our first look at multiplayer in the new COD. The game itself looked amazing awesome crisp clean graphics. A brutal look at warfare. But honestly that’s about all. at its core its a team shooter will be people running around shooting other people earn kill streaks. All the things we love and hate about the series on display. Is that good or bad? Well you guys tell me.

PlayStation VR

We say several vr titles. As we know PlayStation VR has been the best selling VR to date. Several titles where shown for the platform. Notable ones where Skyrim, Star Child, Final Fantasy 15 monster of the deep. Broroteam and Moss. Some interesting visuals to be sure go check them out if your into the VR platform.


New York city has its hero back and better looking than ever. Swinging through the skyline of New York has never looked so good. New and improved powers and a fluid fighting style and webswinging there there for all to see. Fluid fighting and fast paced action will be awesome to play with. SO look forward to swinging through skyscraper sometime next year.

Destiny two

Destiny is pulling out all the stops. The tower lost and the travelers light gone. But their is hope the Guardians still live. TO put it mildly this game looked amazing. While its not PS4 exclusive I might pick it up on PC just based on awesome factor. New gear and classes and a more indepth in your face story will round out the game play. Look forward to taking the fight back on September 8th.

In closing

Sony’s conference had a rough start. But they where able to have a strong showing with several large titles to really bring it home. Hopefully we will see more titles shown in the next few days so stay tuned. If you want to watch more go to for a live stream from E3. Let us know what games you are looking forward to down below.