Awesomenauts 4.1: Dawn of the Renegades, is now available on Steam! This content update includes gameplay improvements, balance tweaks, new rewards, and a brand new character: Dizzy! This new Awesomenaut is incredibly agile and can execute multiple dashes over a short period of time. She’s also the first character in a series that will join the cast over the next few months.

Together with Smiles, Qi’Tara, and Commander Rocket, Dizzy makes up Rocket’s Renegades: a team of mercenaries on the run from authorities. They’re joining the Awesomenauts to clear their names and take revenge on those who wronged them. Catch the trailer below to meet the four characters that will be released over the summer: 

Just as all the other characters in Awesomenauts, Dizzy will be unlockable with Awesomepoints that players earn by playing matches. Alternatively, players can buy her separately or will have her unlocked automatically through the All-Nauts-Pack. Befitting of her mix of attitude, talent, and bubbly backup vocalists, she also has a kickin’ character theme: