Tonight during attempts to play a few rounds of PUBG we experienced some major crash issues. With three players in two separate states we all experienced the same crash bug. Furthermore Reddit is crawling with reports of games crashing before you can even hit the ground out of the drop plane. If you can get to the plane that is.

PUBG Crash Error


The Crash

Players started reporting game crashes about 6 pm est. The crashes typically included the error message shown above. It seems that players across all servers are experiencing the same Bad Image Crash. With reports of crashes on the NA, AS, EU, SA, and OC servers it seems to be everywhere. Server issues abound.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds Tweet

Can they fix it?

The above tweet indicates that they are aware of the catastrophic server problems. During our attempts to play around 9:50 pm est the servers when down. The most recent tweet states that the servers are going back up now so hopefully the game is fixed. They do intend to monitor for further issues, so cross your fingers!