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Training in the past to prepare for the future

Pilots on the Frontier frequently use simulator pods to train, using life-like recreations of historical battles as combat scenarios. The all new War Games map highlights the civilian shops, tall buildings for window-to-window fighting, and city streets for Titan combat from the Battle of Angel City, and the large, open tank garage facilities for hand-to-hand Pilot combat from the Battle of Airbase Sierra.

Love the look of the new map.

More FreeLC!

Starting on June 27 the 6th DLC drop for Titanfall 2 called The War Games will be available for free on all platforms on June 27th. In addition to the War Games map, players will also be able to jump into a new Live Fire Map, Traffic, a weathered test site where pilot positioning is pitted against mobility across two busy thoroughfares. Also included in the DLC will be a new Shadow Boxing [Holo Pilot] execution and a 3rd weapon slot for Pilots. Titan Brawl will also be added to the permanent list of game mode and Free Agents will be a new featured mode.

Visit the Titanfall 2 blog here to read more about the upcoming Titanfall 2 The War Games DLC.

Remember to pick up some bread on your way home.

Got to love all the free stuff.

Once again ladies and gentleman we have more free things. People keep saying Titanfall 2 is dead well I beg to differ. A dead game does not receive continued support in the for m of new maps and game modes. This of course costs time and money that could be spend on other projects. It is my belief that we at some point will get a Titanfall 3. Bare in mind that this is pure speculation. But the continued support of one of my favorite games sure seems to strongly hint at it. But what do you guys think. Am I crazy and this game well just slowly go away? that we will never see a continuation of Titanfall’s awesome campaign? Let me know what you think in the comments down below.