Sentai does not fuck about on their panel, for their programming they chose PeaTree hall, the second largest venue available at Anime Expo, even arriving 15 minutes early, people were quite busily filling in.  When it was time to start the Hentai panelists

Jay and Carolyn got us started with a little intro about what Sentai is all about.  Then they asked us to follow their social media and made a little instagram video about how Sentai Noticed us. These little videos are cute, and we made one the last time I was in a sentai panel as well.

Next Senati told the audience about HiDive, which is the new streaming service for Hentai. The shows that aren’t licensed to Anime Strike tend to go to HiDive. They launched this year and have a lot of both old and new titles. Next we got a sort of best of that they called their Sizzle Reel, which highlighted some of Sentais best shows from last year. it included a ton of the all time greats like food wars, the Big 0, didn’t  you know I’m saktomoto, and many many more. It was during this reel that I learned the power of cute boys, as the largest screams were no doubt for saktomoto, and the other Yuki shows shown.

Next up were the simulcasts announcements for summer 2017. You can read about all of those in my anime preview!

Hitorijime me hero

Love and lies

Made in Abyss

Princess Principal (screening at Anime Expo)

Battle Girl high school

Next we got to see a preview of No Game no Life Zero – the movie that establishes the back story of the universe that hero’s from NGNL went to. Mad House is producing so you know its going to be really good. The premise seems to be that they are playing an epic game for their lives in the NGNL panel.

next Sentai brought out Tippy, a rabbit who is also a hat, who was available for sale at hentai. So you get a cute thing on your head. Then they ran through all the stuff you can buy at their booth

and finally we got to announcements!

Looks like its a sports anime, Sentai is doing a Haukyu english dub! and a box set that is available for pre-order now. Next it was time for the full list of Sentai dubs that are coming out: Haven’t you heard its Sakamoto is getting an English dub from Sentai Next up was the Squid girl season 2, then Tanaka-kun is always Listless is also getting a dub and, finally Flip Flappers is also getting an English dub.

Sentai is clearly leading the way in dubs, something thats not often talked about on our site here, but does have a huge following.