This is a guest post by: Waffles

When it comes to military simulations, no game has quite the name recognition as Red Orchestra. It made war simulators accessible and offer a realistic look into what war was or is. Other games go deep into it with overly complex controls that demand a level of knowledge to accel. Red Orchestra and its sequels offer a more simplistic and easy to grasp gameplay and controls. The real question is how does Rising Storm 2: Vietnam handle this and how does it stack up to competition.

What’s it about.

It is a game based solely on the Vietnam war and it’s experiences. It doesn’t have a story mode to push a narrative. The only thing you get before starting a match is what side you are on and the mission objectives.


The design of the game is what you would expect a vietnam simulation shooter to be. Vietnam era weapons, Vietnam, standard Vietnam gi, viet cong, nva , a mix of ww2 and modern ( for the time) mixing in, and finally the language. Its as expected and that’s what makes me proud I played the game. They stayed true to what they were doing without trying to make something up or push the boundaries. Yet, I couldn’t help but wish there was just a little bit more. Like maybe add more maps or add vehicles or just add just a little bit more. The game quickly becomes typical and familiar in this aspect which then add to my frustration.


As I said before, the gameplay is as you expect it to be. It’s a simulation type shooter where a single bullet can end you. Gravity has impact to your shots as well as enemy gun fire, stamina and the fact you BREATH which so many games leave out. This is refreshing to those who want more realism in their game. It’s something that adds to the challenge and makes every kill worthwhile. Yet again, it is whats frustrating as well. You are running along and splat, head shot. You don’t know where and you have just died. Now mind you games like this have no kill cams. They don’t have to tell you where the enemy is and they shouldn’t. But it’s kind of annoying that you just randomly die to spray and pray rather than someone’s skill. Now this issue isnt taking away from the game, it’s just a minor gripe. What really annoys me is how simple this seems. You pick a class, class has 1 or 2 weapons to choose or in some cases you cant and what gun is default is all you get. You can change the color or add things to it. I know gold guns or tiger stripes will ruin the game and I don’t want them. But, maybe adding an inscription or adding mud to it might just make it more deep. The Game play is near flawless, it’s just the things that flow around it that make me disappointed. What happened in Rising Storm2 is whats expected. There was no WOW factor really. I expected it.

Single player

Now I understand that some games exist only for multiplayer but, this shouldn’t be one of those games. I played Red Orchestra 2 and I was able to play with bots. I was able to learn the game and adapt and gain experience. In Rising Storm. POOF you are in a large 32 v 32 match with kids shouting out “ Gi go home” or “ racist slurs “ to the vietnamese team and you run 50 yards and PING head shot or SPLAT hear shot. It’s rought to get into. Yes there is a tutorial but, what games need to understand that Tutorials shouldn’t be a menu. They should be in the game. They should be integrated so that you don’t have to be given the option “ Do I want to learn how to play… or play” Most gamers don’t want to waste time learning. They want to jump in and this game is not the game to jump in without knowing basics. That’s why I wished they gave you a PvE option. A game mode for those worried about being useless or clueless but, still playing the game. This is one of the few parts of the game that I could say sucked. First game I was in, I shot a teammate on accident. I was told to say sorry. I didn’t know how many rounds i had in my gun and I didn’t know that when you reload with a half empty clip, you keep that clip till it’s empty. So to my surprise in a gunfight i fire a lot less rounds I KNOW the gun was capable to have but didn’t realise what was going on. Games should always look out for the new guy, for players aren’t already deep into the series. It must be able to be picked up by a noob and easily ran with till he/she can develop the skills to compete at a higher level.

Sound design.

I’m going to keep this short. Vietnamese sound … believable and the Gi’s seem genuine. Though not always realistic. I think a later patch could fix this or add more to it. Guns sound real, helicopters sound correct. Explosions are amazing. Music is correct and you can hear footsteps if you pay attention. As expected from a simulator game. Which disappoints. Cause they could have done so much more. It can feel shallow sometimes.

Character design.

Not much to say about this. It is expected that there wasn’t much to the customization of the characters, but it also feels shallow. The unlock system can be annoying but it is as expected to keep people invested.  Yet again, it feels like they could have done more. Maybe add different hair, eyes, chin. Customize the way you want the character to look cause for the American factions. There were black, white, asian, and other nationalities that aren’t represented in the game. The vietnamese faction is as you expected and I am fine with that. Yet there could still be more with them as well.



If you are looking for a fast paced and methodical shooter that demands teamwork this is a game for you

  • Gameplay feels authentic
  • Damage feels real
  • Progress feels organic
  • Atmosphere seems genuine



  • It just feels like there needs to be more
  • Lack of maps
  • Lack of character depth


Final Thoughts

I think the game is great. What it does it does well and what it’s weak against is weak because it’s not supposed to focus on it. Which to me leads to how shallow the game can feel. I can look past how often times your team shouts words in bad vietnamese accents or the lack of weapons. What I do have an issue with is the lack of maps. Its 3 maps for the conquest and 2 for the control. It’s like that put the game out without adding enough maps to create a sense of diversity. Within a day I played every map out there. Which isn’t a good thing. Cause my day was only about 3 hours. A game can last you around half an hour at the longest and in 2 hours I played all if not most of the maps. The character customisation is so shallow and the amount of customisations make getting that one thing you want a huge grind. Plus it takes a huge grind just to get to the next unlock that you most likely won’t even like. The game does what it aimed yet does not cater to newer players who are interested in the rather niche war simulator.


I give this game a 7/10. It’s a great game. Just needs some TLC.