I don’t exactly advertise it, but I am a huge fan of records. Especially colorfull or wacky ones. I own a record player, but I don’t use it often, I just love the look and feel of vinyl. It doesn’t have a superior sound (anyone who says this is actually an idiot) to modern FLAC or other lossless file formats, but it is very pretty. So when video game’s get soundtracks that get published on Vinyl, even if I didn’t love the game, I think its cool.

Such is the case with The Inner World. Just in time for the highly anticipated release of the second installment of the adventure-series The Inner World, the German music label Black Screen Records, publisher Headup Games and Studio Fizbin have teamed up to release the soundtracks to The Inner World and The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk by composer Christian Barth digitally through all major streaming platforms and as a limited edition best of“ vinyl set on classic black and limited edition violett / green 180g vinyl for the very first time this summer.

180g Vinyl is the very best you can get, it feels heavy, and almost like it could survive any problems you might have, including a small nuke. The digital soundtrack is already available on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and your all your favourite streaming services via this link:

The physical collector’s edition will be in stores on September 1st, 2017 and is already available for pre-order through the Black Screen Records store right here: http://smarturl.it/theinnerworldvinyl. The vinyl soundtracks comes on audiophile 180g vinyl in a beautiful gatefold sleeve with original artwork by developer Studio Fizbin and with an unique download code for both digital soundtracks as MP3s or WAVs. Those of you who attend this year’s Gamescom in Cologne will have the chance to purchase the limited edition vinyl at the Studio Fizbin stall at Indie Arena Booth durning the exhibition. For more info on the vinyl visit www.blackscreenrecords.com.