Focus Home Interactive has partnered with Microsoft to offer a week-long sale spanning the publisher’s complete digital library of games on Xbox.  Starting today, over 60 games and DLCs are available at up to 75% off. Click Here to see all the sales items, but I will Highlight some of the biggest.

The Surge: 33% off a souls like RPG set in the future with a cyberpunk vibe? What more could you want. I reviewed this game when it came out, and absolutly loved it. Its worth every cent of 60$ and its currently on sale for $40.

Styx: Shards of Darkness: A fun stealth action game that we also reviewed. Fiaura was not a big fan of the game due to its many bugs, but in the months since release most of these have been patched. Its a great value at just 35$ for both Shards of Darkness and and Master of Shadows.

Tour de France 2017: Not really my cup of tea, but this cycling game was very well reviewed and if you are a fan of compeitive cycling, this game is your only real option.

Some indie games are also on sale, two that I played and very much enjoyed

Shiness: The Lightning KingdomIs another game we reviewed  thats a fun, colorfull, platformer in the style of classics like Crash Bandicoot and Mario. Its got a fun mix of puzzles, combat, and a really unique combat system that honestly blew me away with how technical and fun it was. Its well worth the full price of $30, and a value in the sale at just $22.49

Seasons after FallWe did not review this game, but its a little original indie game about a fox, so I recommend it. Its a cute indie story title, that if you like foxes, or beautiful art will be right up your alley.

Fan favorite Farming Simulator 17 also benefits from deep discounts on the standalone edition, Premium Edition and the entire range of DLCs currently available. There are also a number of DLC’s and Xbox 360 games on sale including  Divinity: Original Sin, Blood Bowl 2, Mordheim: City of the Damned and The Technomancer are also included in the sale. In total, over 60 games and DLCs are featured in this special Focus sale on the Xbox Store.

The Focus Publisher Sale for the Xbox Store starts today, lasting until Monday next week, on July 31. Take advantage of these fantastic offers, and dive into the fascinating universes of Focus Home Interactive’s diverse library today!