One of the things thats often required to take your stream to the next level is a green screen. These green sheets of fabric are bulky, can be expensive, and in order to make them work effectively you need good lighting. Recently there have been several less optimal options cropping up for background removal. I use one myself, the Logitech C920 streamer edition. It removes the background using an infrared depth sensor. Its not the most efficient or effective way, but it gets the job done. Now elgato is trying to edge in on that market with two new products. The first allows users to hook hi-end cameras to their PC through a USB dongle, and the second is a light portable, pop-up green screen.

The actual gadget is that little USB plug at the bottom!
Today, Elgato Introduces Cam Link and Green Screen Video Production Tools for Content Creators. Cam Link and Green Screen. Used separately or in tandem, both products streamline creators’ workflows and help them elevate the production value of their video content through higher quality visuals. With Cam Link, creators can break free from USB webcams and easily connect a more professional camera to their computer to view content in real time for instant broadcasting and recording. Green Screen is a collapsible chroma key panel that easily pops into place to provide a wrinkle-free chroma surface in a matter of seconds, enabling truly immersive broadcasting. Cam Link and Green Screen will be available on August 18 for an MSRP of $129 and $149, and are now available for pre-order on the Elgato online store and on
Julian Fest, General Manager of Elgato Gaming said of the new products:
“A high-quality camera is a critical upgrade to any creator’s setup, but often comes at the cost of a complicated and cumbersome video workflow. The arrival of Cam Link and Green Screen will kick off a new era of higher-quality visuals on YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. These products will help content creators stand out by allowing them to experiment with creative production elements like chroma keying, wide angle and closeup shots, depth of field, and more.”
With Cam Link, the computer reads any high-end camera input as a webcam, allowing it to be easily used with existing capture software for sharper, polished visuals. Cam Link enables real-time feedback, which allows creators to livestream or view footage directly in their editing software without any delay. Free from the standard webcam and complicated workflows, creators can instead focus on expanding the scope of their video production and experiment with different camera lenses, angles, and editing techniques to take their videos to the next level. Access to a purpose built chroma key panel also allows them to set up a studio anywhere for instant immersion. These tools support the creation of a vast variety of content found across YouTube and Twitch Creative.
just like on school picture day!

Cam Link Key Features

  • Ultra low latency technology –  enables live, high-quality recording and streaming in 1080p60 for professional content
  • Plug and produce – links a DSLR, camcorder, point & shoot or action cam to a Mac or Windows PC via a USB 3.0 connection and instantly enables live production
  • Simplified workflow – stores content directly on the computer’s hard drive instead of dealing with memory cards with limited storage and recording time restrictions. Real-time, full-screen feedback enables live adjustments of shoddy shots before they’re discovered in the editing room

Green Screen Key Features

  • Camera chroma keying – provides a wrinkle-resistant chroma-green surface perfect for professional background removal
  • Pop up setup – easily pops open and locks in place in a matter of seconds to create a professional broadcast setup, and packs up just as easily to store away when not in use
  • Portable immersion – portable design turns any workplace, such as a bedroom or messy storage room, into a professional studio for instant immersion

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