There are plenty of ultra realistic racing games out there today. Whats missing is some of the good old arcady fun of the 90’s. Well Crashday: Redline Edition, is aiming to fix that. The Action-Packed Racing Title is Back with All-New and Expanded Features for More Speed, Destruction and Custom-Made Chaos.

With a rocking heavy metal soundtrack, an arsenal of steel-shredding weapons, all-new power-ups, a realistic damage system and impressive replays that highlight the most spectacular action, Crashday: Redline Editionguarantees adrenaline-loaded fun for die-hard fans of the classic as well as those newly discovering the racing title!

Crashday: Redline Edition features seven modes of over-the-top gameplay. In addition to the traditional Race Mode, players can demonstrate their skills with ridiculous stunts and breathtaking jumps in Stunt Show Mode or get creative by using any means possible to be the last driver standing in the thrilling Wrecking Match. In Hold The Flag, the “flag bearer” must pass through as many checkpoints as possible before getting run down by adversaries. The explosive Pass the Bomb and Bomb Run modes add nail-biting suspense by challenging players to use their skillful driving to avoid detonating deadly bombs. Lastly, players can preview a track and hone their skills in perfect peace without any limitations in the Test Drive Mode. 

Crashday: Redline Edition is available for purchase on Steam for $11.99 USD, with a special launch-week discount offered (lowered to $9.99 USD) here

Crashday: Redline Edition key features: 

  • Tons of heavily-armed and destructible vehicles!
  • All of the original game’s content including 7 modes of over-the-top gameplay
  • Full Steam Workshop support, including shareable custom cars and tracks, Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
  • A rockin’ heavy metal soundtrack
  • 100+ bug fixes and gameplay improvements
  • Fully remastered graphics

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