The Stream Deck is perhaps the most maligned piece of streamer kit out there right now. With opinions ranging from it being the most needed piece of hardware, to a total waste of money. It seems that at least its here to stay, as more companies jump on board. Today Elgato (the make of the Stream Deck) announced that the Stream Deck will now have the promised XSplit integration.

Elgato Gaming today announced XSplit software support for Stream Deck. With this API level integration, content creators who use XSplit as their primary software for recording and streaming can now easily control all aspects of their XSplit configuration directly with Stream Deck. Stream Deck is a professional-studio-grade controller that allows content creators to better manage their live broadcasts. The Stream Deck App supports many additional popular applications and services, including Elgato Game Capture, OBS, Twitch, Twitter and Tipeeestream, with plans to extend software support through regular, free updates


Stream Deck v1.3 is now available via the Stream Deck app, and as a free download on the Elgato Gaming website.

Julian Fest, General Manager of Elgato Gaming said today,

“Iterating based on community feedback is a big part of our process at Elgato, and XSplit integration has been one of the most popular requests for Stream Deck, This software update brings the effortless Stream Deck experience to XSplit, making switching scenes, launching media, and interacting with the audience easier than ever.”

Stream Deck simplifies complicated workflows by allowing creators to easily switch scenes, launch media, send tweets, control chat, and configure up to 210 actions using a simple 15 LCD key setup with visual and haptic feedback. By supporting popular software in the Stream Deck ecosystem, Elgato Gaming helps creators further simplify their workflow and control their various streaming tools from a central device.