This is a Guest post by Bill Cooney (@WhoistheCoon7)

On Monday, Microsoft teased fans with a minute and a half trailer for the next installment in one of the most successful real time strategy series of all time.

Unfortunately, this minute and a half didn’t reveal much about Age of Empires IV, except that it’s being developed by Relic Entertainment, makers of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Company of Heroes series. This is a move by Microsoft away from Ensemble Studios, who were responsible for the original Age of Empires. Fans will probably worry until release about whether Relic will be able to capture the spirit of Age of Empires, but based on the developer’s past forays into RTS fans shouldn’t worry too much.

On to the trailer itself. Images of Greek Hoplites mid-battle, Roman legions standing in formation give way to conquistadors and various native civilizations like the Aztec and Plains Peoples followed by redcoats to round it all out. This vast amount of time covered, a few millennia in a little more than a minute, leaves a lot to the imagination.

Such a vague and uninformative trailer wouldn’t work for most other games. But this isn’t other games, this is Age of Empires, which is considered by some to be the granddaddy of the RTS genre.

“Together we have battled through history. Now a new age is upon us,” the trailer proudly proclaims. There are a lot of people excited about Age of Empires IV, and it’s up to Relic to deliver to fans the kind of quality game they expect to carry that name.