At PAX West I had the opportunity to try out the full version of Divinity II Original Sin.  If you loved the old Balur’s Gate games this is a game you will want to keep an eye on.  After playing the intro to the game I am very excited to try Divinity II once it releases.

New Features

The biggest new feature in the game is the addition of the undead races.  This means that players can choose from undead Human, undead Dwarf, undead Elf, or undead Lizard character models. Customer undead characters have the unique undead racial abilities and traits, not the traits of the race the character once lived as. When an undead character hides his face with a simple hood, citizens of Rivellon will perceive the character as it’s former living race.

There was also the addition of the pre-made character named Fane.  Fane was an eager and ambitious scholar entombed by his elders for pursuing forbidden knowledge, and has emerged after centuries of isolation into a very different world than the one he left. Fane enters a Rivellon that fears the site of a fully animated skeleton strolling through town – when he reveals his true form people will flee in fear or attempt to fight him. He and other Eternal characters must disguise themselves with a magical item called the Mask of the Shapeshifter.

Creating the mask comes at a gruesome cost – a fresh corpse is needed and the face must be ripped from it. Once crafted, the Mask of the Shapeshifter allows undead characters to don the appearance and unique racial abilities of any other race in the game. For example, Fane can shift to a Dwarf for better prices from a Dwarven merchant, or shift to an Elf to dine on a corpse and learn their memories with the Elven racial ability Corpse Eater. Multiple masks can be made, and they can even be used by other living characters to disguise themselves as other races, allowing them to approach situations in new ways. If players decide to create their own character, or just play a different origin story, Fane will still appear in the game, where he can be recruited as a companion.

Fane and his origin story are the product of a collaboration between the Larian Studios writing team and famed RPG game writer Chris Avellone. The inclusion of the undead race were part of a stretch goal during Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Kickstarter campaign.