When shopping for a gaming system, the two main categories are Console and PC. One of the reasons many users opt for PC is due to it’s support for various input methods, mainly keyboard and mouse. Well, Microsoft announced during PAX West that the upcoming Xbox One X will have native support for PC gamer’s favorite input methods.

Mike Ybarra (corporate vice president of Xbox & Windows gaming platform at Microsoft) confirmed during a Q&A at PAX West that keyboard and mouse “are definitely coming”, while still maintaining fairness in online multiplayer matches.

“Keyboard and mouse support is definitely coming, we have to be very smart in how we do that. We’ll leave a lot to the developer’s choice. A lot of people say ‘you can’t do this because of fairness’ and we understand that, we run two platforms: Windows and Xbox, so when we bring keyboard and mouse we’ll coach developers to say ‘look […] if you have a competitive game people are probably gonna want the choice’. […] So you’ll see our first games with support for keyboard and mouse soon.” – Mike Ybarra

Based on what Ybarra said, a lot will be left to the developers. They will be able to choose whether or not players will have the option to use this additional input method, as well as if they want to play with people with the same input method as them or either input method.

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