Mothergunship is an over the top bullet hell fps that lets you construct the most insane guns you can think of.  In Mothergunship you are defending the Earth from a fleet of alien ships full of robots and massive bosses.  Your ultimate goal is to destroy the alien mothership that is part of a massive fleet.  The levels and enemies are randomized which will keep the game interesting. Mothergunship is planned to be released for PC on Steam and on both the XBox One and PlayStation 4.


My favorite part of this game is the crafting system.  In the game, you are able to craft the most insane guns you can think of.  For example, I was able to build a laser gun with a flame throwing with a projectile bouncing add on.  The crafting system is intuitive and easy to pick up.  The guns have connection nodes that you can connect other parts to.

You have connector pieces that add more connection nodes so you can expand the gun and add on an insane number of parts.  You are also able to add barrels such as Gatling guns, laser guns, blaster guns, and more.  There are also parts that modify how the gun behaves such as making the projectiles bounce off objects or increase the rate of fire.

Enemies and Bosses

Mothergunship Boss

In the demo I face a wide range of enemies from flying to turrets, to ground based enemies.  The massive hordes of enemies kept the gameplay at a frantic pace and always kept me on my toes.  The boss I fought was a giant dill robot in a tunnel.  The boss would advance towards me forcing me to run down the tunnel.  Eventually, it would stop and be vulnerable until it began to move again.  The boss battle was a lot of fun.  I can’t wait to see what other bosses will be in this game.


Mothergunship was a great looking fun frantic over the top shooter that doesn’t take it self too seriously.  I found myself laughing quite a bit while I played the game from the dialog and the enemies.  This is a game has a lot of potential and I would recommend keeping an eye on.