Gods Trigger is the perfect blend of frenetic action combat, special abilities, and frustration beyond measure. Its a little bit of hotline miami, and a little bit of hero shooter, but its all pretty fantastic.

I usually dislike games that follow in the likes of the wildly popular. And I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t tell you that this game is in the likes of the wildly popular Hot Line Miami. Its top down, features equipable weapons both melee and ranged, and a whole lot of what has been in the past called “ultra violence”. It mixes in to this concoctionotion some special ultimate powers, and the story of a demon and a angel working together to save the world.

Pirate and I played one level together, where the objective of which was to kill all of the enemies before they killed you. Its a simple game, with a simple objective. But, sometimes those are the best kind of games.

As twin stick shooters go this one wasn’t bad. Controls were tight, enemies were competitant and not just targets. So much so that I died at least 10 times trying to just finish the demo level.

Gameplay is basic, you use your melee attacks to kill emeries, pick up guns or swords or bats when they drop, and use them until they are empty then drop them and pick up another.

Each level involved multiple rooms, and doors that had to be opened and the rooms cleared. I liked the way you could shoot down a door, and enter a room in just one motion. It made the game feel much more polished than others I had played that feel similar.

Both characters had personality, which is nice, since many of these games are just generic copies, and there appeared to be a larger story I was not keyed in on about the end of the world and the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse.

I enjoyed playing, despite being very bad at the game, and if you want to take a little deeper look at it, have a look at this video. Personaly ill be keeping my eye on this little gem, and probably buying it if its <20$