Well it seems the MMO craze is not nearly as dead as everyone seems to think it is. I saw several new MMO’s at PAX: West and my inbox continues to fill up with new and exciting MMO’s that are just getting their start. Today is no special day, but here again in my inbox is one more MMO talking up its massive open world, PvP and all those other things that MMO’s have. This one even has Battle-Mechs! Pantropy seems like it cant loose, I mean mechs, PvP and, resource and base building, what can go wrong.

Core Gameplay Highlights

Pantropy, currently in pre-alpha, is a sci-fi MMOFPS with RPG elements. The game takes place on a post spacecraft, hostile alien world around the year 2100 AD. Generators create wormholes that connect planets and make the colonization of foreign worlds possible. Players band together in factions to endure the difficult challenges that unfold. Pantropy’s exciting FPS gameplay has players competing with each other (and the native inhabitants of Pantropy) for limited resources.

When asked about the name Pantropy, Producer Sebastian Kaulitzki said;

“I am a sci-fi guy and I read a lot of sci-fi books etc. Pantropy is basically the opposite of terraforming by adapting the human to the planet instead of the planet to the human–which fits well for our game.”

Pantropy features an “Anti-Offline-Raid System”, which protects your base from getting raided and destroyed sometime after you log offline. In addition, the “Friend or Foe Faction System”, gives players the ability to team up with friends while lending them the ability to identify menacing foes inside their own faction by banning them and even placing bounties on their head. The game is set-up to reward for good behavior by ranking up in reputation or decreasing depending on the player’s individual behavior. 

“We added this system to reduce frustration and to increase the cooperative gameplay experience for our players, we strongly felt a clear 2-Faction system was not present enough in other games out there on the marketplace today.”, says Sebastian. 

Cooperative gameplay allows players to explore, gather resources, create custom bases, build mighty mechs individually or with others simultaneously, research new equipment, develop new technologies with an in-depth crafting system (almost everything in Pantropy needs to be crafted). Missions assigned in the game are designed to dynamically react to the player and influence the world around them. 


PantropyClient 2017-02-08 16-19-26-28_33.gif


Key Features: 

  • PVE and PVP.
  • Farming automation.
  • Complex base building.
  • Personal modular mechs.
  • Enjoy an anti offline-raid system.
  • Multi-crew vehicles to get around terrain easier.
  • Global events for unique experience every time.
  • Exotic alien world to explore in groups or alone.
  • Exciting first person shooter and hardcore survival gameplay.
  • XP system and rewards, that allow players to specialize their skills.
  • In-depth crafting system: build custom bases, weapons, mechs, and more.
  • Factions that reward teamwork and lead to cross-faction competition for resources.
  • Zero pay-to-play or pay-to-win mechanics. Pantropy is a game of skill, collaboration, and resourcefulness.

Current Platforms Slated for 2017/2018 
Pantropy is currently slated for PC. Steam alpha access will be available in late 2017, and the full release is anticipated in 2018. The alpha servers host up to 64 players simultaneously on a 64km² map and future releases will support highly populated servers, larger battles, and more powerful discoveries. As future stretch goals, PS4, Xbox and other possible developments may be mentioned during and after the Kickstarter campaign that launches November 7, 2017.