It seems like Fortnite is going with the old H1Z1 model for their new Battle Royale mode. In what I can only call a stunning move from Epic Games the almost brand new Fortnite battle royale mode is going to be free to play Starting September 26th.

Today, Epic Games has some exciting news: on September 26Fortnite Battle Royale will be free for everyone on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Mac. This PvP mode puts 100-players on a giant map with destructible environments, where they’ll combine their Fortnite building and combat skills to be the last one standing.

Fortnite is the EPIC games answer to survival strategy, you drop in to world where you can harvest materials, build shelters, and then defend against zombies. Most media who reviewed the games described it as medicore at best. But, the new battle royale mode, which drops players in and gives them a chance for random loot and random item finds, is described as being “very fun” by most of my friends.

The survival and building lend themselves well to the whole battleroyal sytle of game, no cover? Just build some. You can even use building materials to make a base to hole up in, just be carefull becuase the enemies can break your base down! Overall the 100 player mode seems like a great addition, and now everyone (even those with out the base game) will be able to give it a try.