Sometimes i need a break from things like Divinity 2, and PUBG to just play a simple game, where I shoot a horde of aliens. No worry of right or wrong, or moral choices, or pressure to get to that final circle, just good clean 2D shooting fun. Orange Moon is

one of those games that can scratch that itch. Presented in 2D, with pretty environments, and scray aliens, Orange Moon might be just what the doctor ordered after this last two months of hi-intenstiy gaming.

Developed by Betelgeuse Zero and published by M4 (formerly Meridian4), Orange Moon dares you to face a monochromatic alien world filled to the brim with acid swamps, deep craters, and toxic clouds on your quest for artifacts. You must take on raiders, biomechanoids, and carnivorous plants to forge ahead. However, you won’t be lacking for proper tools: Tons of weapons and equipment are readily available – including upgradeable machine guns, flamethrowers, and hand cannons.

Each enemy type is vulnerable to particular ammunition, so choose your weapon load wisely: This is the only way to make a dent in Orange Moon’s formidable bosses …

*   Explore a mysterious world filled with hostile lifeforms.
*   Survive by acquiring and utilizing an array of unique weapons, equipment, ammunition, and upgrades.
*   Solve complex puzzles to successfully uncover the secrets surrounding you.
*   Fight bizarre enemies – from carnivorous plants to deadly biomechanoids – and defeat fearsome bosses.
*   Overcome harsh and treacherous environments with obstacles such as acid swamps, toxic clouds, and deep craters.
* Play your way with full language support for French, German, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

Orange Moon will launch on Steam next Wednesday, September 27 for $9.99. The original soundtrack will retail for $4.99 – and a bundle with game + OST will be available for $14.99.