One of the games that I really enjoyed at PAX: East was Pylon: Rouge. Its a really fun fantastic little ARPG that involves a whole lo of loot, fun maps, and a bunch of other interesting stuff. Its out now, and you should check it out on Steam, we will have a full review sometimes next week.

Pylon: Rogue has roguelike elements like procedural-generation and permadeath, but picking up magical items ensures better drops in subsequent playthroughs.
 QuantumSquid will bring their challenging rogue-like, action role-playing game, Pylon: Rogue, to Steam for Windows on Sept. 21, 2017.
Choose from four heroes, each with three distinct play styles.
Blaze through enemies with the brute strength of the Fire Golem; turn enemies and their attacks into precious gems with the Moneydin; get up-close and personal with the Assassin, or keep distance and master the deadly accuracy of the Ranger.
Take down enemies, locate hidden treasure chests, or cash in a pile of gems at the shop for a wide assortment of bonuses and hero enhancements.
Collected abilities can often be stacked or combined, resulting in an entertainingly varied and dynamic character-customization system. Give enemies the “Filth Finger” for added damage, equip “Jack’s Ripper” for backstabbing bonus-damage, or confuse enemies with the “Rubber Duck” collectable. There are 40+ special items, weapons, and armor to discover that strategically shape your play.
No two quests are ever the same; thanks to procedurally-enhanced maps, enemies, items and loot drops.
With just one life to finish a quest; making it through the all of the jungle, desert, and cave areas takes skill, perseverance and a bit of luck. Achieve victory and slay the final boss, then choose another character, and play again for a totally new experience.
New content for Steam Early Access Owners.
Based on player feedback during Early Access on Steam, QuantumSquid has revised and expanded Pylon: Rogue‘s content for the official launch to include new cave levels, an assortment of new enemies, new weapon-styles, and a final boss encounter.
“We are long-time fans of Action-RPGs, with the deep character customization they offer, but these games require a considerable time commitment to complete,” says Dane Emerson, founder, QuantumSquid. “Pylon: Rogue takes the essence of Action-RPG character customization and combines it with the fast-paced, arcade play-style of a Rogue-like. The result is an original experience that offers layered character progression, and a constant sense of discovery, in short, sprint-based play.”
Pylon: Rogue will be available for $14.99 on Steam, with a 50% off sale for a limited time at launch. QuantumSquid will be exhibiting Pylon: Rogue at PAX West in booth #6816.
For more information on Pylon: Rogue visit the official site or follow QuantumSquid on Twitter and Facebook.