Survived by is a new game from Digital Extremes thats a bit hard to describe. By its own PR its an “indie, rouglike, pixel, RPG” but lets me honest, thats probably not all true. Well, I played the game, and I will tell you its not really a rouge like, but it sure is a bullet hell pixel game.

So what happens if you the smash the mechanics of inherited traits from rouge legacy in to gauntlets gameplay, and add in a pinch of bullet hell? Well you get Survived By. Thats actually the best way I can describe it. Its a delightful and crowded mix of flying projectiles dying enemies and various magical abilities going off, that all seems  extremely chaotic when you look at it, but when you play makes instant sense.

You start out with just a character in Survived By, in the full game you’ll have story and npc; s and other things, but for my demo I just for a single dungeon. Your character has abilities, those kill enemies. You also have a weapon. Its all very basic, imagine Gauntlett with a little bit extra powers mixed in.

Before you start the dungeon, and each time you start it, you will chose a set of “cards” that the game calls traits. these traits were things like more mana, better attack, and gaining back life from killing enemies. Basic things that you might see in a RPG game. selection of these powers will color you current life. Think of it like a build of sorts, you can build a fast lightly armed character that will steal health from enemies, or a more tank mana heavy caster.

Over all the game is still in a very rough state, which makes it hard to write about more than just its surface. The developers have a already promised a long campaign and a whole lot of story to go with our rougelite fun, but none of it exists at all right now.

So for now I say keep an eye on this, it has a good developer, a good idea, and a even better execution, so