Survival games are now as common as WWII shooters. So why not set one in the old west, that oh so very american place where cowboys fought indians, and banditos made off with wagon trains of loot. Well Sunset rangers aims to do just that.

Sunset Rangers is an open world sandbox game set in the Wild West. The game is being developed by Aymar Fisherman, and is available now as an Early Access release on Steam for $14.99!

Experience the American Frontier as you traverse through unique landscapes, surviving unforgiving deserts and malevolent enemies along the way. In addition to quests laden with exciting new lore, the game features base building, crafting, and random events and loot. Play alone or co-op style with friends as you explore the precarious world of Sunset Rangers.

The Game

Sunset Rangers takes the excitement and perils of the Wild West and turns them into an open world sandbox game meant to be explored and conquered. Choose between multiple classes and build a custom character, which you can use to complete quests, collect and craft materials, and build bases.

The expansive game allows you to explore a vast open world full of arid deserts, elaborate canyons, and lawless towns. Sunset Rangers immerses you in the rugged Wild West as you’re forced to survive against the elements, arming yourself with a wide array of unique guns, each with special abilities.

You play solo or build a server and team up with friends as you brave this untamed world, but be careful, not everyone can be trusted, and actions such as killing come with consequences.

Game Features:

  • Build your own character and choose from different classes such as blacksmith, civilian, or soldier
  • Randomly generated maps with unique biomes including deserts, canyons, and grasslands
  • Base building and crafting
  • Many unique guns with special abilities
  • Fully immersive world with questlines, survival elements, random events, and consequences for killing
  • Create your own server and play with friends