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Before I ever even played it, Gorn was a game that I just knew I had to try. Just ask around, it’s clear to see that any mention of “the best VR games for the Vive” is sure to have Gorn Visceral Reality in its list – and the reasons are obvious. I mean what’s not to love, from the wiggly weapons, to the misshapen gladiators (that kill their friends as often as you) and eyeballs that randomly pop out onto the floor?

Gorn Hammer Jerk
(The wiggly weapons down play the sheer brutality that this game can actually offer. Take a look at those peepers drop to the ground!)

There is certainly no shortage of blood, gore, and quite frankly hilarious ways to kill your opponents. If you’d like to explore the different ways to do so, there’s even an endless mode in-game in addition to the standard arena mode. However, in Endless mode I always feel bad for the first guy. The game only offers you a few dinky rocks to start out with, but me? Well, I like to face him mano-a-mano.

Gorn Seeing Stars
(Watch me swinging on him that good ol’ one-two punch combo)
As for weapons, the game is still in development. Although to my knowIedge, it’s not in Early Access. (They just add more stuff for free) There are quite a few options. I won’t spoil it, but there are a number of swords, maces, morning stars, giant maces you can swing, and my personal favorite: The Hammer! (Cue Yzma.)

(From The Emperor’s New Groove, Disney. The only relation here is the hammer)

I mean, just look at what the hammer can do:

Gorn Super Uppercut
(I actually had no idea that was going to happen, I was trying to parry his spear.)

Now, let’s address one thing that is an issue with a lot of Virtual Reality games–the level of difficulty. Let’s say that a game is too challenging then it will quickly become scary, but if it’s too easy it feels like you’re going nowhere. Gorn solves this issue and gives you an intimidating challenge to conquer. Keep in mind that this game is played in a Virtual Reality, so it’s you standing there. Just like you’d see me, my eyes are the eyes that you would be viewing from in VR. The enemies in this game, they’re tough. In the next image, you can see the view gets fuzzy since I took a blow I am dying. However, a single kill yourself resets HP. Things get intense when you’re surrounded by five to six attackers approaching you, suited in full armor.

Gorn Jaw Dropping
(Check out that sweet dab by the enemy at the end, right before I chopped his arm off!)

I am really excited to see what will be added to Gorn. If you haven’t noticed yet I LOVE this game and I’ve already beaten it times over. I’m happy with all of the updates that have come so far. Once I saw this:

Gorn Badger Brawler
(Yes…that’s exactly what it looks like)

I am sure that their team is going to add crazy cool stuff to this game that I can’t wait to see and experience in virtual reality.


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